• Are official results sent to USA Triathlon from all Elite Endeavors events?


    The timers send the official results to the USAT national office (for national ranking points), as well as to the USAT regional office (for regional ranking points). There is a special form that they fill out and send in. Annual members of USAT are eligible for rankings, so you can see how they stack up to athletes from other areas of the country.

  • Where will I find my results from an Elite Endeavors event?

    Unofficial results will be posted periodically during the event, so finishers can see them right away.

    Final results will be given out at the awards ceremony. Sometimes, final results come into question. Please, if you have a question about results, e-mail us and we will do our best to resolve any issues within a few days of the event.

    Results will be posted here on our website, as soon as possible after the event; and also at

  • Do I have to pick up my own event packet?

    You are the only one who can pick up your packet. Remember, to get your packet you must show a valid PHOTO ID (no exceptions) and your USAT annual members must show their membership card.

    MINOR PARTICIPANTS — Participants who are UNDER 18 ON RACE DAY must bring a parent or legal guardian with them to pick up the packet. NO EXCEPTIONS. Parents will have to show their valid photo id also, or the minor will not be allowed to race. No brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, coaches, etc; parent or legal guardian only.

  • What is USA Triathlon (USAT)?

    USA Triathlon is the national governing body for the sport of triathlon. USAT is a member of the International Triathlon Union, which is the world governing body for the sport of triathlon.

    All Elite Endeavors events are sanctioned by USA Triathlon. This means that USAT has approved Elite Endeavors safety plans, course lay-out plans, weather plans etc. Organizers pay a fee for this sanction, and when approved, USAT provides insurance for their event. All athletes who participate in an Elite Endeavors event, must be a member of USA Triathlon; either an annual member, or a one day member. All participants; one day or annual members, have insurance provided on the day of the event...continue reading

  • Are headphones allowed at an Elite Endeavors event?


    For safety reasons, headphones, walkman, iPods, mp3 players, etc. (with headphones) are not to be carried or worn in your ears at any time during our events. You may not be able to hear an instruction from a volunteer, law enforcement personnel, or fellow participant if a danger is near. If found to be using one of these devices, a time penalty will be assessed.

  • Do I need to know how to swim to participate in a triathlon or duathlon?


    Elite Endeavors utilized lifeguards at each event, but you must know how to swim to participate. If we see that you are struggling, we will ask you to and help you leave the course.

  • Can I wear a wetsuit at USAT events?

    As part of the sanction process for all Elite Endeavors events, we must follow the USAT competition rules.

    USAT Wetsuit Rule — Water temperature is measured one to two hours before the start of the event by a USAT official, or a member of the Elite Endeavors staff if Elite Endeavors is self-officiating.

    Age group participants are allowed to wear a wetsuit without penalty in any event sanctioned by USA Triathlon when the water temperature measurement is up to and including a water temperature of 78 degrees Fahrenheit...continue reading

  • How will I get my times during Elite Endeavors events?

    Gault Race Management has been in the business of triathlon since the earliest days of chip timing. Anne and John Gault, along with their team of timers, have the most up to date technology. By wearing a small transponder around your ankle, you will have splits for each phase of the event. This is called “chip timing.” You will wear this for the duration of the event and volunteers will take off the strap after you cross the finish line.

    You will pick up your strap and transponder on the morning of the race, before you get to transition area. This way you will have everything that you need to get setup and ready for the start...continue reading

  • What is imAthlete?

    imAthlete is an online registration company, used by many organizers around the country. Elite Endeavors has partnered with them and they provide excellent customer service and user-friendly event signup tools to our participants. All of Elite Endeavors event registration/signup is handled via online registration at We do not utilize any paper applications, or mail-in entries.

    *You may pay for their online registration by credit card, or by check at imAthlete.

  • How do you handle refunds and transfers?

    Elite Endeavors has generous policies in place for their guest participants. A request for refund does come rarely, but these are Elite policies below.

    *IM Athlete will NOT send any refund to a registered participant. All questions come to Elite Endeavors from IM Athlete.

    Refunds and Transfer Policy: All Entries are Non-Refundable!

    All entry fees are non-refundable. Entries are not transferable to other athletes. If an athlete is unable to attend an event he/she has the following options. NO REFUNDS, NO EXCEPTIONS...continue reading

  • I'm New to Triathlon, Duathlon & Running Events, How Do I Get Started?

    Start at the beginning → Evaluate your current fitness level and health status. Visit your doctor to make sure it's safe for you to begin any exercise program and then establish a benchmark by which to build from. Set a goal for yourself, then find a group in your area to train with; they are filled with experienced athletes, coaches and resources for learning the ropes. Once you have a goal in mind, register for an event. By committing yourself to attend, you'll be more likely to follow through with your training.

    We encourage you to contact us for more information on one of our Rookie Clinics

  • When and where can I pick up my race packet?

    Elite Endeavors offers packet pick up on the morning of each event. All packet pick up information for each event will be posted on that events information page of this website. *Several of our events hold packet pick up the day before, but most often, the morning of the event only. Check each event information page for specifics for that event. In order to maintain our efficient check in process, you must remember to BRING YOUR PHOTO ID — NO PHOTO ID...NO RACE...NO EXCEPTIONS!..continue reading


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You will certainly continue to see us in the Triathlon community as we consider this our extended family. It has been a joy meeting you and your families, and seeing you at other events around the region and world.

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